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Metaverse XR Technology Limited is committed to the development of Extended Reality(XR) (Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality /Mixed Reality), providing XR related services for different industries including education, retail and various enterprises. Such as XR training design, XR program/scene customization, equipment supply/rental, professional consulting, etc.

Our team has many years of experience in XR development. No matter what industry you come from, or whether you are thinking of different XR projects, our team can provide you with professional and innovative advice and services. Metaverse XR Technology will provide you with a complete development solution, whether it is initial consultation, development documentation discussion, equipment purchase or rental, program development and installation or program after-sales technical support, we will provide the most professional and dedicated support.

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Our Products

Metaverse XR Technology Limited not only provides XR development services for various industries, but also has our own XR products and services.

We are committed to integrating extended reality(XR) technology into daily life, so that all industries can easily apply this technology to the brand. Metaverse XR Technology will continue to strive to make everyone feel the mysterious power XR brings to life.

Metaverse XR Fitness

Metaverse XR Fitness is an application that utilizes XR technology to practice entertaining multi-player distance Fitness training and metaverse interactive space, allowing users to experience the endless fun brought by XR exercise with their friends at home.

Metaverse XR Creator

Metaverse XR Creator is a Web-based XR creation platform that allows users to easily create and share their own XR scenarios through drag-and-drop coding and development without developer assistance.

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Metaverse XR Museum

Metaverse XR Museum is an online 3D NFT gallery, which allows users to create their own exclusive 3D gallery, put NFT in the gallery, share and publicize their NFT.